Mechanical Insulation Energy Savings Case Study: RockTenn Paper

Posted By NCMI / July 26, 2013 / Case Studies

Sheldon Springs, VT

Mechanical Insulation Energy Savings Case Study: RockTenn Paper


Provide high-temperature condensate tanks in a wet high-traffic area to prevent energy loss and protect personnel.


Aerogel insulation with Venture Tape covering for maximum moisture protection.

RockTenn, an international manufacturer of commercial and consumer paperboard products, needed to upgrade its condensate tanks to guard against heat loss in its manufacturing process in its Sheldon Springs, Vermont plant. The condensate units needed to perform at high temperatures, in a very wet work area, as lots of water, vapor, and steam are released during paper manufacturing. Uninsulated condensate tanks were pinpointed as a main cause for heat loss, and therefore energy waste, as higher volumes of energy were needed to maintain optimal manufacturing temperatures.

The solution implemented by NCMI for RockTenn featured 10mm Aerogel Insulation with Venture Clad 1577cw self-adhesive jacketing. Aerogel was selected due to its low profile and its longer life expectancy – both benefit of its high R-Value and minimum thickness. The Venture Clad self-adhesive jacketing provides extra sealing beyond the hydrophobic qualities of Aerogel, to ensure that the insulation itself remains dry.

NCMI’s solution was faster to implement than its competitors, as it specified custom-fit installation from rolled material, providing far more efficient material handling for the insulation project.

The end results of the RockTenn project include increased thermal efficiency of the manufacturing system by limited heat loss from the insulated tanks, and of course the savings in energy costs associated with maintaining high temperatures in the units. And as a great added benefit, the workers at RockTenn’s Vermont plant are safer, now that mechanical insulation provides a barrier of protection between them and dangerous hot water and vapor.

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