Mechanical Insulation for Marine Vessels: Lake Champlain Transportation

Posted By NCMI / July 26, 2013 / Case Studies

Burlington, VT

NCMI Marine Mechanical Insulation


The operator of Lake Champlain’s fleet of ferries needed to implement a Coast Guard-mandated and approved insulation system on diesel engine exhausts & mufflers on ferry boats, with minimal downtime for its vessels.


Custom-made high-temperature removable insulation jackets, fabricated and installed on Lake Chamlain Transportation’s expedited schedule.

Lake Champlain Transportation, the ferry operator between Vermont and New York, needed to retrofit its fleet of ferry boats with insulation to meet new Coast Guard standards for insulating diesel engine exhaust systems and mufflers on passenger watercraft. To add to the challenge, Lake Champlain Transportation wanted to avoid any unscheduled time in port for its ferries, to keep its full fleet of vessels in operation.

The solution implemented by NCMI for Lake Champlain Transportation featured custom-made and fitted insulation jackets, fabricated especially for use as exhaust and muffler insulation. The insulator jackets were also designed to be removable and easily reinstalled, to allow access to the exhaust pipes and muffler by ferry crew, if necessary.

To keep the project on schedule, NCMI provided a crew for nights and weekends, as well as for onboard testing and installation during ferry operation.

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